Updates & Tools

Software Updates (Unsupported)

Listed below are the final updates (patches) for older versions of Easy-PC software. Select from the list, according to the version of Easy-PC you need to update.

Important: these older versions of software are unsupported, and are provided here purely as a service to users who are not using up-to-date supported versions.

Easy-PC Version Latest update More information Download File size
21 21.0.5 pdf download 13.7 Mb
20 20.0.4 pdf download 7.1 Mb
19 19.0.6 pdf download 6.6 Mb
18 18.0.9 pdf download 6.6 Mb
17 17.0.7 pdf download 7.7 Mb
16 16.0.9 pdf download 6.8 Mb
15 15.0.8 pdf download 7.6 Mb
14 14.0.6 pdf download 7.9 Mb

Installing your update

After downloading the update program, simply run it. The update dialog will show you the folder into which the updated modules will be installed, you should check that this is correct and use the Change button to browse to the right folder if it isn't. You can also click on the Details button to view the PDF document showing the changes in this update.

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