Add-on Component Libraries

Number One Systems provides a range of libraries which will cater for all your design requirements. Whether you're starting with the standard Easy-PC library supplied with basic Parts, taking one of the library bundles or using the Component Search Engine, flexible library solutions are available. As well as our own libraries, you can download library content from other web and Component manufacturers resources too. All library content in Easy-PC can be stored, managed and edited to create your own custom Parts.


We provide three library solutions: the standard installed library supplied with the product, the three cost option Add-on libraries and the free Component Search Engine resource with over 15 million parts:

Standard library

The standard library is supplied as a template to get you started with Easy-PC. If you're an experienced designer, you'll know what you need and will have many resources on hand to use. If you are new to Easy-PC, this library is a good starting place with a set of basic parts and footprints to use immediately. You can use these too as a template to create create your own library.

For a full list of the standard library contents, please click here.

Connector Library V3

The Connector library contains over 20,000 Components. These include all the associated Schematic Symbols and PCB Footprints. This library represents a cost-effective solution for your Easy-PC design system.

Connectors come in all shapes and sizes. We've made it easy for you by researching and creating the connectors from the manufacturers datasheets. Everything you need to simply find and drop the connectors from the Easy-PC library into your design has been supplied; Schematic Symbols, PCB footprint symbols and the Connector Component itself.

Included in the Connector library are: Edge Connector, Sockets, Headers, Micro Headers, Pin & Pinless Headers, Micro D, Nano Miniature, Ribbon Cable, USB Type A, Free Hanging, Right Angle, Vertical, Flat Flex, PCB Mounted Jacks and Terminal Blocks.

For a full list of the Connector library contents, please click here.

Pro-Library V8

A package of over 110,000 ready to use Easy-PC library Components including Schematic Symbol and associated PCB footprints. With modern components and the very specific footprints they require, this library provides you with usable components to read from your library straight into your design.

For a full list of the Pro library contents, please click here.

Micro-Library V8

The Microcontroller library contains over 14,000 Components, these include associated Schematic Symbols and PCB Footprints.

With the complexities of the Component data alone, this library can save you days of work on just one device! Given that you are eliminating potential mistakes creating the data yourself and the addition of the footprint definition of say a 164 pin BGA or a PLCC, then this library represents extremely good value for money.

Each Component has been created using the manufacturer's datasheet. It follows a logical format where Schematic symbols have been split to make them more manageable when used on the design.

For a full list of the Micro library contents, please click here.

IPC-SM Library

The optional IPC-SM library contains supplementary Component and PCB symbol libraries for use with any variant of Easy-PC.

Created to the IPC-SM Standard

The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC) defines a number of standards for electronic devices. One of these is the "Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard" IPC-SM library, This specification has evolved from the old IPC-SM-782 standard, and defines the physical packaging characteristics and land patterns for a range of surface mounted devices.The IPC-SM library is also a useful reference document for general surface mount design techniques, containing sections on design requirements, reliability and testability.

Library Organisation

The PCB symbol library contains approximately 950 surface mount devices in a range of package types.These include chip capacitors, flat packs and chip carriers, in a range of sizes and pin counts, as defined in the standard.The component library contains the same number of items as the PCB symbol library, with a one-to-one correspondence in naming.

The items in this library can be used "as is" when creating PCB layouts 'directly' by adding 'generic' components.They can also be copied to new components and edited using the Library tools in Easy-PC to quickly and easily create your own 'specific' components for particular devices.

For a full list of the IPC library contents, please click here.

Component Search Engine With Access To Over 15 Million FREE Components

Easy-PC provides you FREE access to the Component Search Engine with over 15 million components and their symbols (Schematic and PCB) instantly available. This service provides unlimited access to content that can be interactively downloaded directly onto the end of your cursor, ready for placement in Easy-PC and automatically loaded into your Easy-PC library.

And where the component doesn't existing, it will be created for you on request, free of charge!

Manufacturer values added to Components

All manufacturer values such as Part Number and Price are added to the Component during download to your Easy-PC design. This further reduces the time taken to create components and ensures they contain all relevant values needed for your Bill of Material (BOM).

More information about the Component Search Engine

More information about the Component Search Engine can be found here.

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