Easy-PC Component Search Engine

Component Search Engine With Access To Over 15 Million Components

Easy-PC provides you access to the Component Search Engine with over 15 million components and their symbols (Schematic and PCB) instantly available. This service provides unlimited access to content that can be interactively downloaded directly onto the end of your cursor, ready for placement in Easy-PC and automatically loaded into your Easy-PC library.

Manufacturer values added to Components

All manufacturer values such as Part Number and Price are added to the Component during download to your Easy-PC design. This further reduces the time taken to create components and ensures they contain all relevant values needed for your Bill of Material (BOM).

How to start using the Component Search Engine

To start using the Component Search Engine you will need to create yourself a login on the web site. This will be basic information but the login is used each time you access the web site.

Secondly, you will need to download the Library Loader from the Component Search Engine web site. This is the interface between the web site and Easy-PC. This program runs in the background on your local PC as a service and directs the web site to your library path.

When you select a Component from the web site, it is placed on the end of your cursor for positioning in your design. It also gets inserted into you library using the path defined. This means you can use this Component again on another design without the need to download it again.

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