Several issues related to the installation and licensing of the Pro-Router autorouter are covered here.

How do I license ProRouter?

There are various options with Prorouter, but the most important one is whether you have opted to use a hardware key (dongle) or not. These two options will be dealt with separately. In both cases, it is the first authorisation code which is responsible for installing the links within Easy-PC to ProRouter, including the hardware key drivers where appropriate, and the second authorisation code which is responsible for enabling ProRouter itself.

No Key:

After installing Easy-PC, you will need to go to [Help], [About Easy-PC]. The last line of the information is your system serial number. This is the number that needs to be reported to our Sales Department to obtain the correct license code. Rarely it can happen with some graphics cards that this number is unclear.

If this happens, highlight the number, then use Windows copy, <Ctrl+C>, to copy it, then <Ctrl+V> to paste into a text editor such as Notepad, where it will be clearly legible. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that if you make any hardware changes to your computer, the serial number will change, and you'll need a new authorisation code, for which there is a further charge.

Hardware Key:

The biggest problem that can occur with a hardware key is where the user can't resist the temptation to plug it in and see what happens. What happens is that Windows detects new hardware, decides it's a plug and play device, and installs the wrong set of drivers. These effectively prevent the correct drivers from working! If you've done this, see below, but otherwise, leave the key out until the rest of the installation is complete.

Once the installation is complete, run Easy-PC, and with a pcb design open, check on the [Tools] menu for an entry for [ProRouter]. If it's present, it's safe to plug the key in, as the correct drivers will be present. Once in, there's no need to remove it unless required for other reasons, and no special precautions needed as to when to plug it in or remove it.

Installing the software

Run Easy-PC, and go to [Settings], [Optional Features]. Tick the box marked 'Prorouter', then click on [Apply]. You'll be prompted for the first authorisation code. This and the second code will be in a file on the media supplied or included in an email sent to you. Just copy and paste the ten digits into the box, and click on [OK]. You will see a message indicating that the drivers are being installed, followed by a request for the second authorisation code. Again copy and paste this into the box and click on [OK]. The installation will complete. There is no need to reboot your PC.

The key was put in too early

This will also give an error message of 'Failed to authorise' when ProRouter is run. The message does not always come to the front, so if ProRouter appears to fail, check the Windows status bar in case it is hidden.

If ProRouter has not started, please see the FAQ  'What to do if Pro-Router will not run'.

If the drivers are working, but ProRouter still fails to authorise, there may be a mismatch between your authorisation code and either the system serial number or the HaspID code as appropriate. You will need to contact technical support to have the numbers checked if this is the case.

Note: A few version 7 releases did not install HaspID.exe and Hinstall.exe with Easy-PC. If this is the case, search your installation CD for these files. If not present, please contact technical support.