The library loader is a useful tool - when it's working.  This document looks at why it might malfunction and steps to resolve this.


The first thing to consider is the version of software you are using.  The library loader will ONLY work with supported versions of software, so if your version number is two or more versions behind the current major release, it will no longer work.

If you're using a supported version, the next check you should make is the setting for the 'Downloads Folder'.  Whichever browser you use, it will have a configuration setting for where downloaded files are to be saved.  This path is the 'Downloads Folder' setting.  Some browsers, notably Firefox, can be configured to ask for a location each time.  This must be disabled as the library loader won't operate with this enabled.

Thirdly, the [Settings] button must be configured.  This simply defines which libraries are to be used to store any downloaded models and obviously needs valid entries for the loader to work!

If it's still not working and you've used the 'Check for updates' link to confirm that you're using a recent copy, it may simply be that something's gone wrong during the initial installation and it needs to be re-registered on the system.  To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Click the Start menu/button or access the search box for your Windows version
2. Type cmd in the search box.
3. When the cmd.exe program appears, right-click and ‘Run as administrator’.
4. Open Windows file explorer.
5. Browse to the folder where Easy-PC is installed (which can be found by looking at the properties of a shortcut if you don't know it).
6. Click in the address bar to get the real folder path.
7. Right-click and copy the entire path (<Ctrl+C>).
8. Back in the command prompt, type cd followed by space.
9. Then right-click and 'Paste' to paste in the folder path (or use <Ctrl+V>).
10. Press <Enter> which should change the prompt to show that path.
11. Now type:
         epcwin.exe /unregisterole
         epcwin.exe /registerole
12. Try your library loader again.

If it's still failing, please contact the support desk.