If you're moving to a new machine, or are simply decluttering and want to reinstall, there are a lot of settings within Easy-PC which could be lost.  The settings fall into two types - those which are design specific, which are generally stored in designs and technology files, and those which are global to the program.  It's the global ones we're addressing here.
With any design open (other than the start page), if you go to [Help], [Support] the second menu entry will be [Configuration Files].  If you don't see this, it may be that your menus are not up to date, in which case please go to [Settings], [Customise] and on the 'Menu' tab, reset the menus for the type of design you have open.

Clicking on [Configuration Files] opens a new window.  This is a small applet which continues to run after the program is closed.  Now you will need to save your work and close the program, as part of the job is preserving registry settings which won't be accessible whilst the program is running.  Once the program is closed, you'll be able to click on the [Save] button which will open a browser allowing you to choose the file name and location.  You'll also notice a [Load] button next to the [Save] one.  This is used to reload an existing configuration file to restore the saved settings.  Once again, the program must be closed when reloading settings.

There's nothing special about the configuration file, so it can be moved to another machine, etc. in the same way as you would any other file.