If you want to change a particular property of a number of items, you can do this in one go as long as they are all the same kind of item.


For example, you can change the X-coordinate of a whole group of components, or the layer of several copper shapes, and so on.

To do this, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard whilst selecting each item to be changed (this 'adds' each one to the current selection).

Then, as long as all the selected items are the same type, you can select Properties (right-click to pop up the context menu) to open the Properties dialog and change whatever settings you need to modify. These changes will be applied to all the selected items when you press OK or Apply.

If you are changing all items of a particular type in a design, there's an easy way to make the selection.  Use the 'GoTo' dockable bar (accessed from [View], [Dockable Bars] if not already present), set the selection in the box at the top to 'Component (By Type)' then click on the entry for the type of component to change.  Once selected, right click and use the menu entry 'Select All Find Items' to select all in the design, including in the component bin.  The alternative 'Select All Visible Find Items' ignores the component bin contents.