On some installations the Library Databook has problems reading the 'templates' it uses to format the display. Attempting to browse the libraries using the databook in these circumstances will result in error messages about the templates being missing even when the files are present in the template folder.

This has been found to be caused by some odd file access permissions on the files in the installed templates folder.


The first check is to ensure that the path to the templates folder is correct.  Very occasionally an error during installation can result in some registry entries not being created.  To check this, open the databook, then open Options from the View menu. The template folder will be shown at the top with the templates found listed below.  If this is not the case, a Windows search for files with the extension '*.dbt' should help locate the missing files.

If the files are visible but not being recognised, the simplest way to resolve this is to copy the templates from the installed folder into a new folder under your 'Documents' folder, and use the 'Security' tab in the Windows Explorer file properties to make sure the permission settings on the folder and its contents are 'wide open'. Then use the Options for the databook, to browse to this new folder to tell the program to read the templates from there.