Sometimes you may find it necessary to make changes to the 'connectivity' of the circuit partway through the design. These changes should always be made in the Schematic and forwarded to the PCB.

  1. Once a PCB has been created from the schematic, all subsequent changes made to the schematic can be forwarded into the PCB to update it.
  2. To update the PCB, from either the schematic or the PCB, use the [Tools] menu and select [Forward Design Changes].
  3. Once selected, the PCB will be checked and if changes need to be made, a confirmation dialog telling you this will be displayed.
  4. Select the [OK] button to proceed with the updating process.  A confirmation report of the changes will also be displayed.

Sometimes it's desirable to be forewarned of changes before commiting to them.  If this is the case use the [Integrity Check] entry instead which will list the changes to be made before offering you the option to forward these changes to the pcb or abort the process so you can make manual corrections.