Creating a multi-page schematic requires extra steps that a simple single-page design does not need. You will need to use a project and add additional schematic pages to it.

1.  From the File menu, select New.
2.  From the Save New Project dialog, type in the name of the project and browse to its location.

Once saved, the Project will be displayed in Easy-PC. Each application type is shown, plus 'Other Files' which can include other associated documents, drawings and files.  You must add at least one schematic page and one PCB design to the project (but this will be added automatically when the project is translated to PCB if it doesn't already exist).

3.  From the main menu, select [Project], [Add Files To Project].
4.  Select the file to add. This will now show on the [Project] page. Additional schematics, a PCB design and any other related data files can be added using this method.