Sometimes you may find a footprint you have created is showing its pads as through-hole instead of surface-mount. The reason is that when adding pads to a symbol, the pad will normally default to being all layer unless it is changed.  To correct this, you need to go back to the PCB Footprint symbol in the Library and edit it.

       Select the offending component in the design and right click on it.
       From the context menu, select Edit Symbol In Library.
       This will directly send the footprint into the symbol editor ready for editing.
       Select each pad or multiple-select the pads required (use the Ctrl key and select).

 You now have three options:
       Use <L> to bring up the change layer dialogue
       Right click and select Change Layer, or
       Right click and select Properties.  In Properties on the Pad tab, at the bottom of the dialog is Layer:
 In all cases the layer will show as [All]. From the drop down list, change this to [Top].
       Press OK and the pads change colour to indicate they now are on the Top side.

To verify the pad is now surface mounted, select one of the pads and look at the status bar at the bottom of the working area. The Layer: will show [Top] as the side.

If the pad numbering is injcorrect, update it using the Renumber Pads entry on the Edit menu.