When moving items around on a PCB (particularly if your board is complex), it can happen that you manage to move a name away from its component so that it is hard to see which component it belongs to.


You can easily find out which component by right-clicking on the name and selecting [Show Owner] from the popup menu, or by starting to move the name. In either case, the component to which the name belongs will be highlighted.

If the 'lost' name disappears when you zoom in, it's because its 'parent' component is no longer on screen so you will have to use the above instructions whilst adequately zoomed out.

You can also use the menu [View], [Goto], [Component], which will highlight both component and name. Also, click on the name with the keyboard <Shift> key pressed, which will select the whole component including its name.

If you use the [Goto] dockable bar (enabled from [View], [Dockable Bars]), you can also set the top box to 'components' and choose from the displayed list.  With a cluttered board, it can be helpful to zoom in first as this will always zoom out to the extents of the selected item, but doesn't zoom in, so it can be difficult to spot small components even when they're highlighted.