Components are stored in libraries. These libraries can be located anywhere on a local or network drive provided you can access it.

Folders are selected using the Folders tab on the Library Manager or the Libraries tab under Folders on the Settings menu.

In the topmost pane (Folders and Search Order:) ensure the folder where you saved your library is displayed in the list. If it isn’t, add it by using the Add button and typing or browsing the folder name. You will see it displayed in the list.

All user folders should be at the top of this list so they are found first.

The search and selection of libraries is taken ‘top down’ in this search list, so it will look in the library files in the topmost folder first, and stop looking when it finds the first library item with the required name.  Within each folder, searching is carried out alphabetically.  All libraries found are listed in the bottom pane in the order in which they are searched.

Note that it is possible to temporarily disable both folders (in the top pane) and individual libraries (in the bottom pane) when required.  You can also opt to include sub-folders automatically in the search path.  The [Project] option is a special instruction to search the folder containing the current design.  This too can be set to include subfolders.