You can create your own components very easily. Easy-PC is supplied with standard set of libraries to which you can add your own. Wizards are available for all the elements on the 'Wizards' tab under New on the File menu.

Can I edit the supplied libraries?

Yes, you can. Quite often, a library item will be close to what you need or you might want to modify an item slightly from the one supplied.  You can also re-use existing symbols.  You might find the Databook useful when checking what's available.  This can be found on the File menu and opens using its own tab so you can leave it accessible for reference.

We recommend you make a copy of the item required, copying it into your own library before making the necessary changes.
It is better not to edit and save modified items into the supplied libraries, in case a new installation overwrites them with the original information.

Make sure your custom library is in the folder top-most in the Folders Search List.

Also, when choosing an existing symbol to modify, [File], [Databook] can be helpful as it displays symbol images.