Copper areas are used to define the boundary for Pour Copper to work in, but we recommend that they are not deleted after Pouring.


Once the copper has been poured, it is tempting to remove the copper area from the design. However, it is best to leave it there, as it is useful if you need to re-pour the copper later on, perhaps after modifying your tracks following a design change. Areas are not included on plots anyway, so they won't come out on your artworks. If you don't want to see them on the screen either, simply use the table on the [Layers and Layer Spans] tab under [View],  [Display] to set Pour Areas as not displayed.

If a copper area is poured, and the area is then removed, it would then not be possible to clear or re-pour the copper after any modifications to the design. Although an individual copper shape can be removed, this will leave any thermal stubs which would have to be removed individually.  To correct this, you would need to recreate the pour area, repour this to create a link, then clear the new pour area.