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    Assemble many different boards from the same design

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    Net and track length information right where you need it

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    Generate fanout tracks and vias for large BGA-type components in moments

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Easy-PC V17 Update...

Assembly Variants
Specify fitted/unfitted components to build multiple variants of one design

Track Edit Headup Display
Track and net length information right there on your cursor

Via Stitching
Insert via patterns on, in or around shapes and tracks

BGA Fan-out Patterns
Add fan-out patterns for BGA components in one simple step

Version 17 Features Details
Read more about Version 17

Look at Easy-PC ... best in class PCB design software

  • Europe's 'best in class' PCB design solution keeps getting better
  • The Easy-PC range sets the industry standards in quality and features
  • Constantly developed, at every annual release Easy-PC raises the standard
  • Power with ease-of-use, all backed up by our award winning service
  • Easy-PC boasts unparalleled after sales service and support
  • Our dedicated technical team on-hand to speak to you by phone and email

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Update to Easy-PC V17
Find out what exciting features V17 of our popular circuit capture and layout tool has for you

UPDATED Pro Library 6
The Pro-Library has been updated again for it's 6th major release with over 15,000 components

UPDATED Micro Library 6
Over 220 new Micros have been added for the V17 release

NEW Training Courses Announced
Make the most of your investment with our tutor-lead training courses

Latest Easy-PC Updates
Get the latest maintenance updates for your Easy-PC software [17.0.6]

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